About BeeStretchy Stretchy Band STEM Toys & Geometry App

BeeStretchy is the brain-child of an artist, educator, and life-long learner rolled into one. Starting off as a college movement assignment, BeeStretchy has morphed into something that children ages 4 and up love and adore. In schools, BeeStretchy has become one of the most sought after activities asked by students and teachers alike.

It's a great educational tool and allows for children to expand their creativity and learn more complex vocabulary while equally making learning geometry fun. With the integrated technology of the BeeStretchy app, kids will spend hours learning and stretching themselves.

As we expand to schools across NYC we want to show how learning geometry can be fun! With our pilot in-school program as a multidisciplinary and multi-sensory approach to learning. We offer trained teaching artists who visit the classrooms and facilitate a hands-on learning process and encourage children of all learning styles to participate.

Safety is our top priority before you receive your BeeStretchy we encourage you to watch our how-to videos where you can find tips and tricks for cultivating and creating shapes beyond your wildest imagination.

Stay tuned for more info on the App as well as new colors and expansion nationwide in our affiliate program.

Thank You and Keep Stretching
From the BeeStretchy Team